20 Best Christian High Schools in America

Veritas Christian Academy, Chesapeake, VA
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America has over 16 million high school students. Of these, about 1.3 million attend 12,000 private high schools, the majority of which are religiously affiliated and explicitly Christian.

This article attempts to capture what is best and paramount for Christian high school education in America.

20. Veritas Christian Academy, Chesapeake, VA

Dedication to students does not stop at the borders with VCA, which has an international program with students from across the globe. VCA’s philosophy of education is adapted from Douglas Wilson’s The Case for Classical Christian Education. What is taught is a rigorous program based upon the wisdom of Scripture and founded in grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

Grammar—a foundational subject in every discipline—is the starting point in all courses. In math, for example, the grammar would be addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Logic is critical thinking which comes after memorization so that students know how to analyze what they have learned, while rhetoric has to do with how students present what they have learned, whether verbally or in writing. As it is put in the book of Proverbs: Students should then grow in wisdom, understanding, and knowledge.

Students have available a variety of clubs, athletic, and fine arts activities at ACA that enrich student learning. Students put on a musical every year and participate in several sports, which include swimming, golf, and tennis. Honors classes are offered that prepare students to take AP exams.

VCA is a member of both the Association of Classical & Christian schools and the Virginia Council for Private Education. Their athletic program is a member of the Hampton Roads Athletic Conference. VCA is also affiliated with 13 local businesses that enrich the education of VCA students in a variety of ways.

Summer camps in multiple academic areas are also offered.

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