20 Best Christian High Schools in America

Brethren Christian Junior and Senior High School, Huntington Beach, CA
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19. Brethren Christian Junior and Senior High School, Huntington Beach, CA

The students at BCHS attend 100 churches in 47 different communities. International students also attend the school, but they must provide for their own living arrangements with a Christian family.

The school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the Association of Christian Schools International. Ninety-five percent of all graduates go on to colleges across the United States, including Stanford, TCU, SMU, Purdue, and the U.S. Air Force Academy. Brethren Christian was first formed in 1947 and has moved several times since then. They are now in a long-term lease at a public school facility.

AP classes are offered in English, science, art, Spanish, government, math, and history. Every student takes Bible classes as part of the curriculum, but each grade studies a specific subject or biblical books that speak to the students where they are in life.

A group of leaders among the student body organize and plan the worship services on campus. Chapel meets every Wednesday at 9:30. At the beginning of the year, a half-day worship service is held which presents the scriptural theme to which the school will adhere that year. The day is celebrated with guest speakers, music, and fun activities.

In the spring of each year, students have a day of service during which students work on a community service project together. In 1991, two students who knew how to present puppet shows started the puppet ministry. Fifty students now make up the puppet ministry, traveling on mission trips and performing for chapel, an orphanage, and convalescent hospitals.

There are several other ministries, as well as clubs, social events, and sports, in which students can participate.

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