10 Best Cities for Young People In the US

10 Best Cities for Young People In the US
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You may be wondering what young people look for when they are ready to leave home and launch themselves into the future of independent living. Some look to continue their education, and some look to join the workforce. Either way, the young gravitate to other people that are within the same age range…pure and simple.

Taking a look at each city’s active nightlife, festivals, culture, and rent opportunity, we examine the 10 best cities for young people in the US here.

10. Phoenix (Arizona)

The first draw of Arizona is the ever-present heat, sunshine, and favorable temperate climates.

Let’s be real for a second: who does not want to be able to work on their tan during a lunch break?

Fashionable clothes that are light to wear, nights out on the town sitting on a patio sipping drinks and socializing…it could almost be construed as a vacation spot that is VERY affordable.

Phoenix, AZ is known for lower overhead (rent, utilities, etc.), inexpensive food, and the city is brimming with cultural opacity that is difficult for any young person to resist.

For those who enjoy a taste of the classical, Arizona provides high-level cultural offerings with their Phoenix Symphony Orchestra as well as Ballet Arizona.

Additionally, the city is also home to the Orpheum Theatre, which houses many prominent groups in the Phoenix area, including the Valley Youth Theatre, iTheatre Collaborative, and Actors Theatre.

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