20 Best Magnet High Schools in America

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19. Jones College Prep High School, Chicago, IL

Jones College Prep High School is a public magnet school in Chicago, Illinois. It has 1,124 students in grades 9-12. It is easy to fit in at Jones. The people there are outgoing and friendly. They are always willing to help and make you feel welcomed.

This school is known nationally for its rigorous curriculum and the success of students academically. The academics are great. There is a wide variety of classes to take and almost all classes taken by students are honors or AP. This school provides a diverse learning environment and effectively prepares students for college life. It provides a variety of extra curriculars and encourages students to interact, respect, and gain knowledge about their community and their peers.

The teachers are very engaging and easy to pay attention to. Most of them are relatively young and understand how to connect the subjects to events and experiences that truly engage the students in learning. Most are very approachable and are eager to answer questions and truly work to guarantee every student’s academic success.

At Jones, every other day teachers devote themselves to a tutoring session called Academic Lab. The students are allowed to visit the classes they are struggling in and ask the teacher for help.

Extracurriculars are an important part of the school community. Almost anyone can come up with an idea for a club, and with a sponsor, they can make that idea into a reality. There are many after school activities that are numerous and very unique in their own way. For example, there is a Sign Language club, Ramen Noodle Club, Knitting Club, and Model UN club to name a few. Overall, there is something for everybody here at this school.

There are a lot of sports available to students, such as basketball, baseball, softball, etc. Many students take advantage of this, and enjoy participating on the teams. Whenever there are games, there are always a good amount of students and parents who are at the games supporting the teams.

  • Jones College Prep High School graduation rate is 92.0%. National average is 82.2%.
  • 99.0% students of Jones College Prep High School scored at or above proficiency levels on their state math assessment test.
  • 96.0% students of Jones College Prep High School scored at or above proficiency levels on their state reading/language arts assessment test.
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