20 Best Public High Schools in Colorado

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19. Thunderridge High School, Highlands Ranch, CO

Thunderridge High School is a public school in Sedalia Township, Colorado. It has 1,942 students in grades 9-12. It has such a unique culture that is revolved around tradition and respect. The school makes everyday fun, especially with field day and spirit weeks.

The academic programs offered at the school involve AP/Honors classes, as well as the IB program. These classes are extremely rigorous and challenging. ThunderRidge also requires students to complete a Senior Project, where the students have to challenge themselves to learn something completely new and outside of their comfort zone.

The project requires obtaining a mentor, completing numerous outside hours of fieldwork, concluding in a final presentation to a Senior Board made up of both teachers and outside volunteers.

The teachers really are passionate about their students’ education. They truly are interested in helping the kids be successful and have open hours in case you need help in a topic. They are very knowledgeable and fair.

There are a large variety of different activities and clubs for students to participate in. Thunderridge offers everything from art/anime club to swimming to honor societies to football. The administration supports almost any type of club that a student or group of students wants to develop as long as they have a teacher supervisor.

Thunderridge offers great athletic and fitness opportunities, football is spoken highly of, and a big part of the school spirit. There are also football, baseball, soccer, cross country, lacrosse, track and field, tennis, and more. The coaches are great and the teams always do well in every sport.

  • Thunderridge High School graduation rate is 94.0%. National average is 82.2%.
  • 56.0% students of Thunderridge High School scored at or above proficiency levels on their state math assessment test.
  • 84.0% students of Thunderridge High School scored at or above proficiency levels on their state reading/language arts assessment test.
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