20 Best Public High Schools in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts recommends that high school students follow the MassCore program of studies, which is intended to prepare students for college and the workforce. The plan recommends students take two years of the same foreign language, among other suggestions.

Take a look at the 20 Best Public High Schools in Massachusetts:

20. Nauset Regional High School, Eastham Town, MA

Nauset Regional High School is a public school in Eastham Town, Massachusetts. It has 960 students in grades 9-12.

Nauset Regional HS offers over 80 electives for you to choose. Also some of the teachers at Nauset are life-changing and they are giving some incredible knowledge. They are always available when you need them. The curriculum is challenging but not difficult. The most popular classes would be history and art classes.

Nauset gives you all the tools you need to pursue your dreams and they keep encouraging you especially when you apply for college.

Nauset is a very liberal school. There is (basically) no dress code, and students for the most part respect that. Bullying is not tolerated. The administration does a great job with being as fair as they can to the students and making us feel safe.

Nauset has a large amount of extracurriculars ranging from the music of African culture to advanced metal and woodworking. The teachers strongly believe in what they do as well as enjoy doing it.

Athletics are very important at Nauset. A large amount of students participate in sports and the school acknowledges students for their athletic achievements. The weight room is amazing and the sports fields are well taken care of.

  • Nauset Regional High School graduation rate is 96%. National average is 82.2%.
  • 91% students of Nauset Regional High School scored at or above proficiency levels on their state math assessment test.
  • 98% students of Nauset Regional High School scored at or above proficiency levels on their state reading/language arts assessment test.
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